Catherine Zeng


A list of the classes I’ve taken at MIT and some notes / resources.


I like to write and I’ve been keeping a diary for a long time.

Bucket List

High-level things I want to do in my lifetime.

6.004 TA materials

I am teaching 6.004 Computer Architecture and here are my notes that my students can access.

Paper Reviews

My research group in computational linguistics often gets together to do paper reviews.

My Pet Interests

If you talk to me about anything here, I will get very excited.

  • music production (I mess around on pro tools and have lots of equipment)
  • physics (I took a few quantum classes as a senior at MIT)
  • finance (value investing, catalysts, how to evaluate a company)
  • smash (n64 & melee)
  • the right way to do education (teach / empower kids)


I put the AP Physics 1 workbook in my MIT athena locker a long time ago and noticed that people on the internet have been sharing the link. So here is the other workbook. I should be able to serve these files forever.

AP Physics 1 - Practice Workbook - Book 1

AP Physics 2 - Practice Workbook - Book 2