Cat Zeng

I am working on Flairr, a social network with customizable pages. My personal goal is to create excellent experiences for users.

I graduated from MIT in 2020 and studied EECS with a concentration in Music. I enjoy figuring out how things work and also weird things. My biggest fear is to live a boring life. I care about my friends & family. In general I like making people smile.

Three words to describe me are: earnest, curious, and obsessive. This is what I look like.


  • Undergrad @ MIT
    • Proud affiliations: Keyholder @ SIPB, East Campus (41W), Neo
    • My friends and I built a boba machine that became popular in our dorm. Lambda Tea was funded by Y Combinator, and I spent 8 months in San Francisco.
    • Project building: I participated in 8+ hackathons, winning prizes such as Top 10 at HackMIT (3x), the Best Internet of Things Prize, and Niantic AR Prize. During my later years, I researched memory & language. Some of these projects are on my Github.
  • Highschool @ Dreyfoos
    • I went to a performing arts high school located in West Palm Beach, FL and majored in classical piano. Some of my recordings are here.

My Pet Interests:

Music (classical piano, music production), Visual Art, Writing, Physics, Brains, Language, Nonlinear Dynamics, Smash (n64 & melee), Education, Finance (value investing)

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