Cat Zeng

I graduated from MIT in the Spring of 2020 and studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science with a concentration in Music. I am interested in understanding how things work and also weird things. This is what I look like.

How I would describe myself in three words: earnest, obsessive, hyperactive.

Stuff I care about:

  • Entrepreneurship. My friends and I built a boba machine that became very popular in our dorm. Lambda Tea was later funded by Y Combinator, and I spent eight months in San Francisco. I am also a Neo Scholar.
  • Building stuff. I have participated in 8+ hackathons, winning prizes such as Top 10 at HackMIT (3x), the Best Internet of Things Prize, and Niantic AR Prize. Check out my Github for funzies.
  • Music. Before college, I practiced a lot of piano (for 13 yrs) and went to performing arts schools for seven years. Check out my recordings here. I’m also in a rock/metal band called Long Winded (work in progress).
  • Art. I paint a bit in my spare time and I like experimenting with colors. Check out art here.
  • Writing. I love when words perfectly describe situations and also words with cool sounds. I like to document my emotions and make fancy lists. Check out my writing here.

Contact me at