Catherine Zeng

My projects are split into learning about how things work & building funny things.


Interested in learning, language, and modeling beautiful things in nature. Select research projects:

  • Constructing an Oscillatory Associative Memory Model (18.354 Nonlinear Dynamics Final Project)
  • Hierarchical Semantic Composition Using High Dimensional Vectors and Random Indexing (Presented at CULC13)
  • Python implementation of the maximum-likelihood estimation approach for word segmentation

Personal Projects

A lot of my stuff is on Github, such as hackernews-newsfeed and my-pet-rock (I create / collect rock-related pickup lines).

A boba machine I built with friends was admitted to Y Combinator for their Winter 2018 batch. I have also participated in 7+ hackathons, winning prizes such as Top 10 at HackMIT (2x) and the Best Internet of Things Prize.

Select personal projects:

  • Lambda Tea, boba machine: a self-serve boba machine built by hacking a mini-fridge. Lambda Tea was funded by Y Combinator for their Winter 2018 batch.

  • HackMIT, MIT Sorting Hat: a Harry-Potter-inspired sorting hat that asks you personalized questions in order select a MIT dorm that culturally fits.

  • a college consulting service where we give you feedback about how you stand for college.